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Unique pieces, quality fabrics, great construction and details that pleasantly surpriseā€¦ Goodbyes is a resale service and shopping experience that extends the lifespan of well-made garments, shoes and accessories.


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When faced with an unexpected and drastic change in retail dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic, GOODBYES, a respected resale service specializing in extending the lifespan of well-made garments, shoes, and accessories, sought my expertise. The challenge was twofold: first, to keep the business thriving despite physical stores being closed due to lockdown restrictions; second, to reimagine and digitally transform their unique customer interaction model.
The Traditional Business Model:
Under normal circumstances, GOODBYES worked on a walk-in basis where customers could bring their clothing to the nearest location for selection. Once the selection process was complete, unchosen pieces would be returned to the customer, and those selected would be consigned to the store. This direct, personable approach required customers to be physically present, making it a challenge when stores had to close due to pandemic restrictions.
The E-commerce Solution:
The first step towards solving this issue was to create an eCommerce store on Shopify. This decision allowed GOODBYES to maintain its operations and serve its customers, despite the physical stores being closed. It gave the company a new avenue for business continuity and customer interaction.
The Digital Consignment Solution:
However, simply having an eCommerce platform wasn't enough to completely encapsulate GOODBYES' unique business model digitally. We needed to find a way to allow customers to consign their items remotely, maintaining the essence of the in-store experience.

To address this, I developed a WebApp where customers could submit photos of their items for appraisal. This system enabled GOODBYES to assess the quality and value of items remotely, allowing customers to participate in the consignment process from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Once the items were approved, customers could book a DIDI pickup through the WebApp to have their consigned items sent to GOODBYES, bridging the physical gap created by the pandemic.

Result and Impact:
As a result of these digital transformations, GOODBYES successfully adapted to the challenges presented by the pandemic. Customers could continue to consign and shop, even with the Melbourne stores closed. This dual-pronged approach not only helped to sustain the business during a challenging time but also opened up new possibilities for expansion and customer engagement in the future.
Working with GOODBYES underscored the importance of agile problem-solving and the power of digital transformation. As we move forward in an increasingly digital world, experiences like this will continue to shape how we approach and solve challenges in the retail industry.

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