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Core Powerfoods.

"CORE Powerfoods has the same goal as you, to make your life healthy and active by delivering high protein muscle meals. ”


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In a world where convenience and speed are paramount, Core Powerfoods, a pioneer in delivering frozen food across all postcodes in Australia, approached me with a unique challenge. They sought to enhance their delivery process by integrating their Shopify checkout system with their third-party logistics partner, Be Cool Refrigerated Couriers.
Identifying the Problem:
The key issue lay in the fact that Core Powerfoods needed to ascertain the next available delivery date and hour instantly at the point of checkout. Further, the details of the customer order had to be seamlessly transmitted back to Be Cool Refrigerated Couriers. This vital requirement was to ensure that customers received accurate delivery information, thereby enhancing their shopping experience.
Addressing the Challenge:
My approach towards solving this problem was two-fold. First, I had to develop an interface between the Shopify checkout system and the Be Cool delivery scheduling system. This would allow us to fetch real-time delivery date and time data from Be Cool. Second, I implemented a robust data transfer mechanism to relay the order information back to Be Cool from the Shopify platform.
The Process:
I utilized the API endpoints provided by both Shopify and Be Cool to establish a secure connection between the two platforms. After extensive debugging and testing, I was able to fetch real-time delivery slots from Be Cool right at the point of checkout on the Shopify site.

Then, I built a dynamic data transfer module that automatically sent back the order details to Be Cool upon the completion of a transaction. This required careful mapping of data fields between the two systems, considering the specific information Be Cool needed to efficiently fulfill the delivery.

The final, crucial piece of the puzzle was to create a backend order status monitoring solution. Recognizing that technology, despite its advancement, is not immune to occasional hiccups, I incorporated this system to ensure that Core Powerfoods could respond effectively to unforeseen failures. This solution enabled Core Powerfoods to keep a close eye on order statuses, providing the flexibility to resubmit orders if any failures occurred.

With these three components integrated into their systems, Core Powerfoods was equipped not only to streamline their delivery process but also to mitigate potential disruptions in their workflow. This comprehensive solution bolstered their operational efficiency and enhanced their customers' experience.

Result and Impact:
As a result of this integration, Core Powerfoods' checkout process has been significantly optimized. Customers can now receive immediate and accurate delivery schedules, leading to enhanced user satisfaction. Simultaneously, Be Cool Refrigerated Couriers receives the necessary order information instantly, which has led to a noticeable increase in operational efficiency and a decrease in delivery errors.
Working with Core Powerfoods to solve this problem was a rewarding experience. This project highlighted the importance of integrative solutions in achieving efficient operations and delivering superior customer service. Looking forward, the success of this project will be a valuable foundation for further technological advancements in the logistics and eCommerce sectors.

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